About Us

Rufus was built out of a genuine passion to connect good people to some of the best jobs and opportunities in esports, AR/VR, serious games, and beyond.


A Growing Industry

From 2017 to 2020 (that’s 3 short years), the Esports industry will grow by 116% while the Augmented and Virtual Reality industry will grow by a whopping 1000%. The entertainment technology industries are rapidly growing each year; it demands a diverse, dynamic, and innovative talent pipeline. That’s where Rufus comes in to help.

*Esports data taken from Newzoo. AR/VR data from The Entertainment Software Association.



An Ideal Match

Rufus is dedicated to creating local and global impact by working with employers in the video game industry in conjunction with a range of potential candidates to curate an ideal match.



Please use Rufus to explore, find inspiration, and get connected!